We are Duck Duck Zeus
We provide Unity based solutions
for videogames, 3D reconstruction, and VR

About Us

We make stuff, in Unity.
A Brief History

DDZ was originally formed by 4 friends who met at university in 2008. Skipping forward to 2015 and after many trials and tribulations the team decided to band together, despite obstacles in both geography and lifestyle, to strive to pursue a career in self-published video game development. After several projects 2 members of the team moved on to different career paths. DDZ now consists of two of the founding members and continues to provide software solutions to clients. DDZ also has a capacity to hire freelance developers and artists depending on the workload allowing the company to shrink and grow based on demand.

The Founders

They weren't allowed to write their own Bio's
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Abel Drew

The senior authority figure of the team and a researcher in educational video gaming. Abel remembers a simpler time when people didn’t use computers and just played with sticks instead.
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Charlotte Hilton

Charlotte sports an artistic flair and a talent for all things eccentric. She’s obsessed with the grotesque and broken things. She sees you when you’re sleeping. She knows when you’re awake.


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