Duck Duck Zeus

About Us

Game and Experience Designers
Providing Unity development and consultation services

DDZ has been providing Unity 3D development and consultation services since 2015. The core team consists of two founding members Abel, and Charlotte (who met at university in 2008 while studying Game Design and Development). DDZ also has the capacity to hire trusted freelance developers and artists depending on the project workload Our project history to date has been primarily to assist with the design and completion of software based funded research projects for clients in academic settings but we have a keen interest in anything game related too!

The Team

They weren't allowed to write their own bio

Abel Drew

Developer & CEO
The senior authority figure of the team and a researcher in educational video gaming. Abel remembers a simpler time when people didn’t use computers and just played with sticks instead.

Charlotte Hilton

Art Director
Charlotte sports an artistic flair and a talent for all things eccentric. She’s obsessed with the grotesque and broken things. She sees you when you’re sleeping. She knows when you’re awake.

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