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A Brief History

The guys first became aware of each other’s existence when they attended the same university degree in 2008. After some opinionated rants and one collaboration project they quickly learned that they would become the best of friends. Skipping forward to 2015 and after many trials and tribulations the team of close friends decided to band together, despite all obstacles in both geography and lifestyle, to strive to pursue a career in self-published video game development.

The Guys

They're awesome. Well, they pay enough. Okay not enough, but they're still okay.
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Abel Drew

Lead Developer
The senior authority figure of the team and a pioneer in educational video gaming. Abel remembers a simpler time when people didn’t use computers and just played with sticks instead.
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Ben Sharples

Creative Director
Delightfully mad and always brimming with good ideas. A game design veteran, Ben is also a massive Sci-Fi fanatic and one of the world’s greatest appreciators of Progressive Rock. And yes ladies he’s single.
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Charlotte Hilton

Art Director
Charlotte sports an artistic flair and a talent for all things eccentric. She’s obsessed with the grotesque and broken things. She sees you when you’re sleeping. She knows when you’re awake.
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Spencer Marshman

Media Director
A fun loving individual and self-proclaimed video game historian. Spencer wishes since childhood that he could be a Ghost Buster, which is really strange, because Spencer doesn’t believe in ghosts.


Satisfaction Guaranteed. Safety not so much.

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