Q: Why Duck Duck Zeus?
A: There are so many possibilities, just think about it for a moment, what does it mean? Are we running from Zeus? is it a character named Duck Duckzeus? Is it like Duck Duck Goose, but Zeus is thought of in association with lightning; the name is thereby mixing a child’s game and electricity thus symbolising the digital nature of our playful content? We have no idea, please let us know if you figure it out.

Q: I have a problem with one of your games.
A: That’s a shame to hear. If you need help, technical support or would like to report something that is wrong with one of our games then please use the contact form.

Q: I’m a budding artist, designer, programmer. Are there any jobs going at your company?
A: We are not looking to employ any new staff at this time, but if you want to show off your work to us then by all means please do.

Q: I have this awesome idea for a video game, can I send it to you to be made?
A: I want to say yes, but the angry looking lawyer sitting in the corner is shaking his head so I’m going to have to say no.

Q: I’m a blogger/reviewer/YouTube star. Can I post videos and blog entries about your games?
A: So you want to talk about our games freely on the internet effectively giving us free publicity? Well we’d have to be mad to refuse such a generous offer. However we would like to impose one very simple rule.

We at Duck Duck Zeus would like to be mentioned, and a link to our website should be provided along with the generated content.


Q: What if my question isn’t covered in this section?
A: You can always ask us a question by using the contact form. We promise to read it… honestly.